3-Liter Classic Beer Tower


3-Liter Classic Beer Tower: Serve in Style ?

Elevate your beer service with our Classic Black Base Beer Tower. Standing at a statuesque 34 inches with an 8-inch diameter base, this beer tower is a crowd-pleaser. Its clear, durable plastic tube can hold an impressive 3 Liters of beer or any beverage of your choice. The tube easily detaches from the base, making cleaning and refilling a breeze, and giving your servers a well-deserved break from constant pitcher refills.

Pouring is effortless thanks to the “Pull Down” tap handle and push-button spout options. Please note, this particular model doesn’t come with cooling accessories. For chilled servings, consider adding our Beverage Chill Bats to your purchase.

?Important: When using the tap, a gentle quarter-pull is all that’s needed for the perfect pour. Over-pulling can damage the tap.

? Bonus: Purchase in sets of 4 for extra savings!

Serve your guests in a way that’s as efficient as it is stylish with our 3-Liter Classic Beer Tower! Cheers! ?

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