Sparkling Pink Glam Barware Kit


Dive into the dazzling world of mixology with our Sparkling Pink Glam Barware Kit.
This 4-piece set isn’t just functional; it’s a statement.
Perfect for whipping up unforgettable cocktails, it’s equipped with all the essentials—two shaker tins, a high-performance strainer, and a V-Rod® bottle opener that doubles as a conversation starter.

Kit Essentials

  • 28-ounce Shaker Tin: For when you’re mixing up a storm and one cocktail just won’t do!
  • 18-ounce Shaker Tin: Ideal for more intimate concoctions.
  • 4-Prong Strainer: Makes sure your drink is smooth, but your party isn’t.
  • V-Rod® Bottle Opener: Because every superhero mixologist needs their trusty sidekick..

Why You’ll Love It

  • Gift-Worthy: Perfect for that friend who’s always dreamed of shaking and stirring in style.
  • Show-Stopping Finish: With its metallic pink sheen, this set doesn’t just blend in; it stands out as the life of the party.

Material & Durability

Crafted from resilient stainless steel, this set is built to withstand even the liveliest of soirées.
The glittery pink finish isn’t just for show; it reflects the joy and creativity that go into every cocktail you craft.

So, are you ready to elevate your bartending game from mundane to magical?
This Sparkling Pink Glam Barware Kit is not just another set of bar tools; it’s your passport to a world of cocktail possibilities!
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