Dark Beer Limited Edition Mixed 12 Pack: A Toast to the Dark Side ??


What’s in the Box?

Dive into the rich, bold flavors of 12 handpicked dark beers, featuring Stouts, Porters, and Dark Ales. This curated pack even includes award-winners like the Biscoff Porter from Aether Brewing, crowned the People’s Choice at GABS 2023!

Your Dark Beer Line-Up:

  1. Deeds Black Forest Gateau Stout: A decadent 11th Birthday brew with rich, fruity flavors. ABV 10.9%
  2. Hawkers Biscoff Porter: A robust porter infused with Biscoff biscuit deliciousness. ABV 9%
  3. Aether Biscoff Ice Cream Porter: A GABS 2023 festival star, it’s like dessert in a can! ABV 8%
  4. New England Mugachino Coffee Stout: A coffee lover’s dream stout with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans. ABV 6.2%
  5. Reckless Baltic Porter: A rich blend of dark toffee and chocolate notes. ABV 10.5%
  6. Waterloo Double Dark Belgian Ale: A complex brew with a caramelized finish. ABV 8%
  7. Shapeshifter Hoodie Weather Oatmeal Stout: Perfect for cozying up, full of chocolate and coffee notes. ABV 6.3%
  8. Garage Project Cereal Milk Stout: Breakfast in a can, with a blend of corn flakes, oats, and chocolate. ABV 4.7%
  9. Bells Beach Steps Stout: A sessionable oatmeal stout with roast grains and coffee. ABV 4.5%
  10. Dainton x Seeker A Dark, Dark Lager: A toasty black lager brewed with friends. ABV 5.5%
  11. Six String Stout: A complex yet refreshing stout with a malty sweetness. ABV 4.4%
  12. Pirate Life Stout: A rich, chocolatey stout perfect for cooler weather. ABV 5.6%

Why You’ll Love This Pack:

  • A great gift for dark beer enthusiasts.
  • Perfect for sharing at social gatherings.
  • Explore diverse dark beer styles from various breweries.

Note: Beers may vary based on availability.

Cheers to embracing the darker shades of craft beer! ?

*Australia Only

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