Limited Edition IPA Pack: Hop to It! ??


About the Pack

Get your hands on our 16th Limited Edition IPA Pack, featuring 8 of the most exciting IPAs you can find. Ideal for hop enthusiasts, this pack is extremely limited—only 48 are available. Grab yours before they’re gone!

Why This Pack is a Must-Have:

  • Experience the finest hazy IPAs and other innovative styles.
  • Perfect for hop lovers looking for new, exciting brews.

Here’s What You’ll Be Sipping:

  1. Shapeshifter x Bracket Harmonious Frequency DDH Hazy IPA: A New Zealand hop-infused IPA with juicy vibes and an ABV of 8.0%.
  2. Garage Project Striped Racer West Coast IPA: A crisp IPA with citrus and pine notes, featuring art by Hey Pogo. ABV 6.6%.
  3. Deeds Elementary English IPA: A traditional English IPA with philosophical undertones. ABV 5.4%.
  4. Pirate Life Luminosa Hazy IPA: A vibrant, fruit-filled hazy IPA that’s an explosion of tropical aromas. ABV 6.6%.
  5. Aether Hazy Hemp IIIPA: A unique hazy IPA with hints of spicy mango, peach, and a creamy mouthfeel, thanks to Tasmanian hemp. ABV 9%.
  6. Six String Double Dark Red IPA: A rich, dark IPA with caramel and chocolate malts balanced by a hoppy punch. ABV 10%.
  7. Slow Lane Supersaturated Hazy IPA: A complex and citrusy hazy IPA that’s can-conditioned for freshness. ABV 6.7%.
  8. Frenchies The Cool Kids Motueka Hop Kief Hazy IPA: An ultra-creamy IPA that offers a juicy and complex flavor profile. ABV 6.5%.

Note: ABVs and beers may vary based on availability.

Time to elevate your IPA game! ?

*Australia Only

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