Global Elixirs: “Blended, Not Stirred Vol.2”


By Flaviar

Rating: 7.5/10

Back by popular demand, our Blended Whiskies Tasting Kit is here again.
This time, we’ve got a selection that even James Bond would toast to.

What’s Inside the Kit

We’re not just sticking to Scotch; this kit is a global tour. It includes:

  • Three 1.5 oz (45 ml) Vials:
    • Roe & Co: An Irish Whiskey that’s smooth and well-balanced.
    • Compass Box: A Scotch blend that brings together the best of different regions.
    • Togouchi: A unique Japanese Whisky that offers something completely different.

Why Blended Whiskies?

Blends are made from mixing malt and grain whiskies.
Expert blenders combine multiple whiskies to create a balanced flavor.
It’s an art form, and these blends are as good as they get.

How to Enjoy

Neat or with ice? It’s up to you.
These whiskies are versatile and can be enjoyed however you like.

Ready to try some top-notch blends?
Pour a glass and let’s get tasting!
Cheers! ?

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