Martini Cocktail Exploration Kit Vol.2: A Journey into Flavor


By Flaviar

Unleash your inner Flaviarista and dive into a world of elegant indulgence with the Martini Cocktail Exploration Kit Vol.2.
Ah, the Martini—forever etched in our minds by the suave Agent 007.
But the eternal question remains: Gin or Vodka?

Each spirit will transform your Martini.
Opt for Gin to experience a rich tapestry of botanical nuances.
Choose Vodka for a sleek, contemporary finish.
With this exclusive kit, you become the mixologist, experimenting with two handpicked Gins and a premium Vodka, alongside two aromatic dry Vermouths.
Or channel your inner Bond and blend Gin and Vodka to craft the legendary Vesper Martini.

Get ready to unlock a universe of flavor. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, starts now!

Inside the Kit:

  • 2 Unique Gins
  • 1 Premium Vodka
  • 2 Artisanal Dry Vermouths

Tasting Cylindrical Box: Think of it as a Pandora’s box of liquid joy. Only the finest spirits await inside, along with a chic concrete coaster and essential tasting guides.

Elegant Coaster: Show off your refined taste with a stylish coaster—because you’re a sophisticated spirit lover, not a coaster kleptomaniac.

Sample Vessels: Three 1.5 oz (45 ml) glass vials come filled with your spirit choices, ready for your tasting voyage.

Flavor Guide Leaflets: Navigate the landscape of flavors with our informative leaflets, offering all the insights you’ll ever need to discern each spirit’s unique qualities.

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