Discover “The Mexican Standoff” Tasting Box


By Flaviar

What’s Inside the Box:

  • Sierra Milenario: A classic Tequila that’s smooth and versatile.
  • Alipus Mezcal: Known for its smoky punch, straight from Oaxaca.
  • Cenote Anejo Tequila: Aged to perfection for a richer experience.

Why You Should Try This Tasting Box:

  • Variety: Get a taste of different Mexican spirits in one box.
  • Easy Sampling: Each 1.5 oz (45 ml) vial is perfect for tasting.
  • Learn While Sipping: Comes with notes on taste profiles and tips for a better tasting experience.

Unveil the Mysteries of Mexican Spirits: Skip the endless bar menus and enjoy a curated tasting experience at home. This box lets you explore the unique flavors of Tequila and Mezcal. Sierra Milenario offers the classic Tequila taste, while Alipus Mezcal delivers a smoky kick. For something richer, try the aged Cenote Anejo Tequila.

Whether you’re new to these spirits or a seasoned enthusiast, this box makes tasting easy and fun. Plus, it comes with handy tips and tricks to help you appreciate the subtle flavors. Cheers to discovering your new favorite Mexican spirit! ?

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