Explore Aged Gins with “The Return of the Aged Gin” Tasting Box


By Flaviar

What’s Inside:

  • Few: A Bourbon-matured aged gin.
  • Dictado: A tropical gin aged in ex-rum casks.
  • Nginious!: A gin with a lush vermouth cask finish.

Why This Tasting Box is a Must-Have:

  • Unique Flavors: Try gins that are aged in different casks for richer, more complex tastes.
  • Quality: These aren’t your average gins; they’re premium spirits with a twist.
  • Learn as You Taste: The box includes tasting notes and tips so you can become a gin expert.
  • Convenient: Each 1.5 oz vial is the perfect size for tasting and comparing.

Your Shortcut to Aged Gins: Gin is great, but have you tried aged gin? Our “The Return of the Aged Gin” box lets you explore this exciting twist on a classic spirit. You’ll get to taste three top-notch gins, each aged in a different way to bring out unique flavors.

Few gin offers the botanicals of gin but with the maturity of Bourbon. Dictado gives you a taste of the tropics, thanks to its time in rum casks. And Nginious! comes with a vermouth finish, making it a perfect base for a martini.

The box isn’t just for tasting; it’s also a learning experience. With the included notes and tips, you’ll understand

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