Simple Yet Flavorful: The “Liquid Gold” Tasting Box


By Flaviar

What’s Inside the Box for You:

  • El Dorado Rum: A 21-year-old special reserve from Guyana that’s as good as gold.
  • Copper & Kings Brandy: A high-ABV brandy that packs a punch.
  • Glenfiddich Scotch: An 18-year-old small-batch reserve that’s smooth and flavorful.

Why This Tasting Box is a Must-Have:

  • Variety: Experience three different types of spirits – Rum, Brandy, and Scotch – in one box.
  • Quality: These are top-shelf, award-winning spirits that offer a premium tasting experience.
  • Convenient: Each 1.5 oz vial is the perfect amount for a tasting, and the box comes with tasting notes and tips.
  • Educational: Learn about different types of spirits, their origins, and the people who make them.

The Simple Joy of Tasting: The “Liquid Gold” box is like a mini world tour for your taste buds.
You start with Copper & Kings Brandy, move to Glenfiddich Scotch, and finish with El Dorado Rum.
Each spirit offers a unique flavor profile, from grape-based to grain-based to molasses-based.

It’s an easy and enjoyable way to explore different spirits without leaving your home.
You can take your time, read the included tasting notes, and even invite a friend for a shared tasting adventure.
This box is all about enjoying quality spirits, discovering new favorites, and expanding your palate.
Cheers to that!

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