Explore the Best of Rum with “The Rum Galaxy” Tasting Box


By Flaviar

What’s Inside:

  • Ron Millonario: A rich dark rum from Peru.
  • Centenario International: A smooth dark rum from Costa Rica.
  • Ron Colon Salvadoreno: An adventurous dark rum from El Salvador.

Why This Tasting Box is Great:

  • Variety: Sample three distinct dark rums from different regions, all in one box.
  • Quality: These are top-notch rums, carefully selected for their unique flavors.
  • Easy to Use: Each box comes with 1.5 oz vials, along with tasting notes and tips for an enhanced experience.
  • Educational: Learn the origins and profiles of each rum, expanding your palate and knowledge.

A Simple Way to Discover Rum: “The Rum Galaxy” box is your ticket to exploring the best of dark rum.
Each rum in this box offers a different take on this classic spirit.
From Peru’s Ron Millonario to Costa Rica’s Centenario International and El Salvador’s Ron Colon Salvadoreno, you get to taste the world without leaving your home.

Perfect for rum enthusiasts or newcomers, this tasting box is a convenient and enjoyable way to discover new favorites.
Plus, the included tasting notes and tips make it easy for you to become a rum connoisseur.
Cheers to embarking on a flavorful journey through the universe of rum!

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