Rainbow Cocktail Shaker 4-Piece Barware Set


Ready to paint your cocktail crafting with every hue? Introducing our Rainbow Cocktail Shaker 4-Piece Barware Set, a functional masterpiece that’s as vibrant as your mixology.
This set comes complete with an 18oz shaker, an 11-inch bar spoon, a double jigger, and a Hawthorne-style cocktail strainer.

Melding tones of purple and blue, the set features a mesmerizing oil-slick finish over robust stainless steel.
It’s not just about eye-popping colors; this set is built to last, promising many vibrant cocktail sessions ahead.
Whether you’re mixing it up at a swanky club or adding a pop of color to your home bar, this set steals the spotlight.


  • 18oz 3-piece shaker (shaker tin, strainer, cap)
  • Double jigger (.5oz and 1oz)
  • Hawthorne-style cocktail strainer
  • 11″ Bar spoon


  • Mesmerizing oil-slick color finish
  • Crafted from durable stainless steel
  • Designed for both function and flair

So why settle for ordinary when you can shake it up in living color? Cheers to the Rainbow Cocktail Shaker set! ??

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